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Foot ulcers are potentially dangerous developments that affect many people with diabetes. Complications of this disease, such as poor circulation and neuropathy, can make foot wounds easy to develop, hard to treat, and difficult to detect.

Now there is help with Siren Socks. This revolutionary footwear helps people with diabetes reduce their risk of developing a foot ulcer or other type of foot problem. When a person wears Siren Socks every day, their foot temperature is continuously measured. This data is automatically sent to a registered nurse who monitors this information. Any rise in temperature may signal that inflammation due to an injury may be developing, which the patient may not even be aware of. The nurse will update the patient’s podiatrist regarding possible injuries who can then determine if a foot screening is in order. Studies have indicated that temperature monitoring is very successful in ulcer prevention.

All the patient has to do is slip on Siren Socks. They don’t require a smartphone nor a charge. They are machine washable and will automatically be replaced when they wear down. They are even covered by Medicare and many other types of insurance.

Talk to our podiatrist about Siren Socks. See if they can help you manage your diabetes and reduce your risks of an ulcer, or worse.

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